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Over the last several years, the most dramatic increase in homelessness, addiction, and mental illness has been among young women. As women seek access to recovery programs, there is a lack of secure housing for women in the early stages of recovery.

To address this growing need, the Matt Talbot Center developed the Mary McClinton Home in 2010. This housing community creates an opportunity for women to break the cycle of homelessness, addiction and so much more.

Mary McClinton Home is the first step in providing clinical services and restorative resources concerning substance abuse, mental illness, domestic and sexual abuse. The Matt Talbot Center assists women in:

  • Access to education
  • Securing an economically stable occupation
  • Acquiring life skills
  • Becoming individuals that contribute to the community

Together we can provide shelter and a safe environment for women in recovery. Please support the Mary McClinton Home by donating online. To learn more about how you can help, contact the Matt Talbot Center at 206.256.9865.